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Cut away ship weight, create inserts, and streamline design. Creating an optimal unboxing experience starts here, where iterations happen in minutes, not days.

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“We had a wonderful experience working with Advetfly Solutions to create our new website. The team made sure they understood what we were looking for, and they delivered time and time again – both in terms of speed and design. They were, and continue to be, super responsive and thoughtful creative partners.”

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About Package works Brands​

Fast-growing brands need flexible solutions. Whether a la carte services, or a Full Service solution, Package Works saves you time, lowers your cost, and improves your sustainability.

The Objective

To create an overarching master brand for the line of CBD-THC edibles, that effectively unifies the two products—-Ripple Dissolvables and Stillwater Gummies—and create a strong brand presence in dispensaries.

The Challenge

Create a Battleplan

PackageWorks works with your team to bring together all current costs, all SKUs desired to optimize, past order data, and sets a target % to reduce (typically 20%+), and translates to annual dollars, and builds a proposal.

Let the Magic Happen

Packaging Engineers at PackageWorks either build a packaging suite from the ground up designed with cost of fulfillment, materials, and shipping in mind, and/or run reverse auctions through all appropriate domestic and international vendors.


PackageWorks works with your existing manufacturers with updated designs and/or price targets, or introduces you to new ones and assists the transition, and you save. If we don’t hit the price targets, your project fees are refunded in full.


Supply Chain Management

Reduce Risk with Supply Chain Redundancy, Sustainability Focused Facilities and Streamlining Logistics.


Packaging Development

Cut away ship weight, create inserts, reduce damage. Creating an optimal unboxing experience starts here, where iterations happen in minutes, not days.


Unified packaging

We designed a cohesive packaging that makes the Ripple line standout on dispensary shelves, while still being able to distinguish each product line.

Brand Trust us

“Amazing experiences and great knowledge in webflow & API Integration. Jatin had completed this job very quickly and sharp. No doubt for his skill. I am very glad to work with him again. Highly recommend it for a long project. Thanks, dear Jatin.”

David Steven
Product Manager, EL Park

"Skilled and Expertise in Webflow and API Integration. A+++++++++ for Webflow design, CMS, and API integration in site. This job is complex but Jatin has completed very soon. Thanks."

Carlin Design Maturity
Design Maturity, USA

"Excellent Jatin & his team! Jatin is professional and a pleasure to work with. He has produced 2 Webflow sites for me which we are very happy with. High-attention to detail, very responsive, bug-free. Will hire again!"

Tina Mandel
CEO, Dr. Dentina

"Jatin & his team are very talented and workaholic person. Always supportive and proactive person for project. He understands easily what's requirement and how to do it. Never say no. Highly recommend for React project. Will hire him again. Thanks."

Joe Alvarnaz
Marketing Head, InnerWorkOut

Excellent freelancer. Very capable with webflow. Very good communicator and hard worker. We ended up not using the solution for this project but that was not Jatin's fault. He is professional and we will hire him again in the future. Thanks Jatin!

John Tahan
Freo money

A successful marketing plan relies heavily on the pulling-power of advertising copy. Writing result-oriented ad copy is difficult.

Gareth Colby
CEO, EvtMedia

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