Combining spirituality & science, past & present to build our shared future.

We are a non-profit based in Princeton, New Jersey and India focused on research and education

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“Skilled and Expertise in Webflow and API Integration. A+++++++++ for Webflow design, CMS, and API integration in site. This job is complex but Jatin has completed very soon. Thanks."

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About Infinity Foundation Site

Infinity Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Princeton (USA), focused on research and education. It specializes in the field of civilization studies applying the Dharma lens to examine a broad range of topics. It disseminates its unique research findings through books, videos and public events.

The Objective

The foundation seeks to create dialogue that breaks out of the dualities of anti- and pro- globalization forces, of the right vs. the left, of secularism vs. religion, of science vs. spirituality, of economic growth vs. ecological preservation. Globalization can be a positive force but it cannot simply be translated to Westernization of the planet — in cultural norms, in academic frameworks, in knowledge systems and in definitions of progress and patterns of development.

The Challenge

Scalability, Performance & Identity

The large scale of database creates a performance problem. CMS has resolved the Infinity Foundation issues through data evolution and modernization. Brand identity and enterprise UX audit help us to be aware of our brands.

Enterprise UX

Updating the old website for improved UX requires overcoming outdated technologies, frameworks, and design patterns. Maintaining user familiarity-Providing intuitive navigation and familiar workflows for users accustomed to the old website. Maintaining a balance between modern UX best practices and the need to preserve critical enterprise workflows and functionality.


Conduct UX Research

UX Research: Determine areas for improvement by conducting comprehensive user research to identify pain points and needs of the users interacting with the old website.


Streamline Navigation

Enhance usability by simplifying and streamlining navigation and information architecture, employing intuitive labeling, clear calls-to-action, and logical grouping of content.


Iterative Redesign Approach

Redesign in an iterative manner, allowing for continuous feedback and testing. Ensure seamless integration with existing functionalities, minimizing disruption and encouraging adoption. Gradually introduce UX enhancements.

Brand Trust us

“Amazing experiences and great knowledge in webflow & API Integration. Jatin had completed this job very quickly and sharp. No doubt for his skill. I am very glad to work with him again. Highly recommend it for a long project. Thanks, dear Jatin.”

David Steven
Product Manager, EL Park

"Skilled and Expertise in Webflow and API Integration. A+++++++++ for Webflow design, CMS, and API integration in site. This job is complex but Jatin has completed very soon. Thanks."

Carlin Design Maturity
Design Maturity, USA

"Excellent Jatin & his team! Jatin is professional and a pleasure to work with. He has produced 2 Webflow sites for me which we are very happy with. High-attention to detail, very responsive, bug-free. Will hire again!"

Tina Mandel
CEO, Dr. Dentina

"Jatin & his team are very talented and workaholic person. Always supportive and proactive person for project. He understands easily what's requirement and how to do it. Never say no. Highly recommend for React project. Will hire him again. Thanks."

Joe Alvarnaz
Marketing Head, InnerWorkOut

Excellent freelancer. Very capable with webflow. Very good communicator and hard worker. We ended up not using the solution for this project but that was not Jatin's fault. He is professional and we will hire him again in the future. Thanks Jatin!

John Tahan
Freo money

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Gareth Colby
CEO, EvtMedia

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